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Series PRAKTIK introduces range of multipurpose tilting boiling pans with analog control panel

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Cook faster

Thanks to temperature up to 120°C in intercoat your dish will be cooked faster

Make your work easier

It is end of endless controlling and stiring. Complicated dishes will not stick to wessel thanks to automatic stirring. Mashed potatoes can be prepared completely in one vessel. Liquid meals can be drained through valve. Dense or loose meals can be transfered by tilting whole vessel.

It cleans itself

Pan is able to clean itself by switching mixing element for brush attachment. After that just rinse vessel with help of included hand shower

Have everything under control

Precise temperature control, amount of filled water counter, mixer with forward and reverse motion and with capability to save programs.

Tilting boiling pans with mixer

Are created to preparing dishes like soups, souces, mashes, puddings, creams, light doughs, broths and drinks.

Automatic stirring

Makes cooks work easier, ensures even cooking of your food and reduces singes and caking.


Mixer can serve for mashing potatoes after boiling them, whisking cremes or kneading light doughs.



Vessel sizes: 60l, 100l, 160l, 200l, 250l, 350l


Mixers with 10 steps of forward and reverse motion or completely disabled


Temperature in intercoat up to 120°C


Automatic control of amount of water in intercoat


Analog control panel with capability to upload up to 99 recipes with four steps


Cooling program – dish can be cooled by filling intercoat with cold water


Motor powered tilting with capability to stop at any position with smooth running


Vessel is pressed from single piece of acid-resistant stainless steel DIN 14401 and it is weld free


Automatic filling of water with flow meter


Safety magnetic elements to prevent injury to the operator by the stirrer

product sheets for download

Praktik 60l

Praktik 100l

Praktik 160l

Praktik 200l

Praktik 250l

Praktik 350l


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