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tilting boiling
pans Virutekk

Widest portfolio of multipurpose tilting boiling pans with stirring mixer

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model range


VIRTUOUS series is introducing high-end range of tilting multipurpose pans with digital touchscreen panel.


Variation of boiling pans without mixer. Tilting of pan designed to make work easier.


PRAKTIK series is introducing range of tilting multipurpose pans with analog control panel.


které ještě více zefektivní Vaši práci se zařízeními Virutekk. Mycí nástavce, míchadla, manipulační vozíky.

Cheff hotline

+420 731 385 714

Call us at our hotline. Together we can come up with the best solution. We will give you advice and help.

Borrow Virutekk to your kitchen for free

+420 737 824 913

We will lend mixing boiling pan to your business and get you training by our chef

Operating lease of Virutekk

+420 737 824 913

Long time lease of your device from 7750 Kč without VAT per month.

Our services

Lending and presentation

Are you not sure about investment to mixing boiling pan for your kitchen? Don’t you have an experience with this device and would you like to try it on your own? We will lend you boiling ban to your kitchen and train you by our chef.

operating lease of Virutekk

Are you equipping new kitchen but have limited budget? Or prefer advatages of monthly payments with included full service? Con&@tact us for more informations.


Cook training

For 100% utilization of your device thorough training of users is needed. For our customers we provide first cooking training free of charge. There is available hotline where you can consult our executive chef Karel Kašpar. He is happy to answer your questions and give you interesting tips.

It is not easy

to stir perfectly potato salad, pasta salad or risotto in large quantities. With mixer developed specifically for mixing salads it’s easy!

Have you ever cooked 500 servings of cabbage?

You don’t have to guard the pan and continuously stir. You have time for other activities!

300 servings of mashed potatoes

Easily, without drudgery and in one device Virutekk Virtuous 160.

Virtuous+, Praktik+, Technik+

Pans with increased temperature in intercoat available in February 2020

New boiling pan with mixer with 500 liter capacity in both Virtuous and Praktik variants

Tilting boiling pans with mixer

Are made for preparing dishes like soups, sauces, mashes, puddings, creams, light doughs, broths and drinks. Automatic stirring relieves work from workers, ensures even cooking of your food and reduces singes and caking. Mixer can serve for mashing potatoes after boiling them, whisking cremes or kneading


We will gladly answer your questins…

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