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Widest portfolio of multipurpose tilting boiling pans with stirring mixer.

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VIRTUOUS series is introducing high-end range of tilting multipurpose pans with digital touchscreen panel.


PRAKTIK series is introducing range of tilting multipurpose pans with analog control panel.


Variation of boiling pans without mixer. Tilting of pan designed to make work easier.

Virutekk trademark 

merges technologies for gastronomic operations. Originally, an Estonian company uses European factory production of selected products.
The largest partner is the ABAT production plant in the European part of Russia. With a production capacity of 1,000 employees, European quality standards and price competitiveness, it is our strategic partner.
Our mission is to deliver high quality professional catering equipment with high added value at reasonable prices, and hence high profitability. In addition to products we provide maximum cooking support and fast professional service of your devices.
Virutekk offers a complete, comprehensive portfolio of professional kitchen equipment. As a top product we consider our multifunction boiling pans with mixer. Their added value in efficiency, a significant reduction in staff effort and automation make them the most loaded equipment in large-capacity kitchens.

See for yourself…

Tilting mechanism makes manipulation with cooked meals and following distribution to the GN easier

Cooling program works by filling duplicator with cold water – this simple solutions cool product fast and effective That also prevents from overcooking meals which are in the kettle. It makes manipulation with raw material easier and it is first stage of shock cooling, that reduce time of cooling process.

Automatic water filling in duplicator.

Drain off valve in standard is necessary for draining out of fluid meals like a broths, drinks or puddings. It increase ergonomic standard for service.

120 °C in interlayer is working temperature, that helps you with preparing bases and pulling meat. When is the temperature lower than 116 °C it does not make a quality roasted bases for sauces and goulash and also does not make an onion brown.

Automatic water filling with water amount counter.

Simple, intuitive and precise control precise control of temperature and possibility of program settings is important for pulling broths, nights or low-temperature cooking and for processing thermolabile raw materials.

Safety magnetic components reducing chance of injury by mixer

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